This is a collection site for Tornevall Networks. It's a privately owned space and Tornevall Networks does not make any profit on services provided (donations to keep this alive is however always welcome).

Tornevall Networks is a individual private non profitable - but professional - service provider and open source developer that hosts domains, e-mail, antispam services, etc. High availability through both IPv4 and IPv6. 


The name “Tornevall” itself was founded in the mid-[19]40’s but the idea “Networks” was born in the late [19]90’s via IRC and the domain tornevall.net, that was supposed to handle networking projects was registered in may 2000.


The services itself was once built for private use, but since rewriting code when old code fails due to "internal mistakes" is very time consuming the decision was taken to create applications as they were made for public use. Realizing that they actually could be useful for others, they suddenly converted to open source projects and started to be distributed in public.


Tornevall Networks believes in independency and this is the primary reason for why it exists at all. The portals and applications is built around the thinking of “if you host it yourself, you can’t loose it when companies shuts down the service you hire”. There might be problems with this way of reasoning, as Tornevall Network is risking of being that company that shuts down one day. This is why we (I) build solutions that can be self implemented in other hosting environments.
The longest project running is the DNSBL Project - a blacklist project mainly written to stop web based spam, but for some years back in time also supports e-mail spam. The blacklist project is currently split in several parts. A regular blacklist, that checks proxies and regular mail and one blacklist with higher spam scoring; FraudBL.



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